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Stress Squeeze Toy: The Best Fidget Toys for Kids with ADHD

Importance of Stress Squeeze Toy for Kids with ADHD

Stress squeeze toy is designed for relieving stress. They have complex chemistry behind this simple name. These toys or balls are made of polyurethane and they are meant to deal with the customer’s stress. People often think that these toys are limited to children, however, they can not be more wrong about stress squeeze toys. These toys are designed to relieve stress in adults as well.

stress squeeze toy

In fact, there are several searches that prove the importance of these toys. Due to these toys, doctors even recommend them to adults who are struggling wth anxiety and stress issues.

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a neurodevelopment disorder diagnosed in children. It is found in boys more than in girls. The disease usually affects the way of thinking, how to pay attention, sitting still, and controls the behaviour. It cannot be cured or prevented. However, if diagnosed early and treated well, it can make a big difference.


They show two different types of symptoms:



Hyperactive – Impulsive

Easily distracted Does not stay seated
Does not seem to listen Cannot play quietly
Does not pay attention Often fidgets or bounces when sitting
Makes careless mistakes Always moving
Forgets about daily activities Excessively talking
Organising problems Interrupting others
Daydreaming Blurt outs answers
Does not do sitting still work Cannot wait for their turn
Does not follow directions Always on the go
Does not finishes task
Loses things


Children having ADHD are recommended to play with fidget toys by doctors and professionals. They are stress relievers for overly active people.

Things to consider before Buying Stress Squeeze Toy

The fidget toys have been gaining fame for a long time. They can be annoying and practical at the same time. Scientists have been working on finding the benefits of these stress squeeze toys and they think that these spinners are good for conditions like anxiety and ADHD. They help in keeping attention, focus and calm in the classroom. Reports suggest that children engaged with these fidget toys have been found to have improved writing abilities, attention, attitude, and peer interaction.

stress squeeze toy

It should be kept in mind that children suffering from ADHD preferably require sensor fidget toys. This is an appropriate and less distracting item to play with. This will also help to focus on what is being said rather than to think and process. Moreover, it will let them know where they are. Some other things that should be kept in mind while buying a fidget toy are as under

  • Find a fidget toy that does not leak.
  • Choose a fiddle toy that is silent.
  • Consider the texture of the sensory toy.
  • Check for the fiddle toy that does not create a distraction.
  • Observe the school’s environment before sending in a fidget toy.
  • Children should be monitored while using the fidget toy.


The Best Stress Squeeze Toy for Kids with ADHD

QIMENT Toys is a brand dealing with plastic building blocks and intelligent toys for children. They offer a wide range of products with immense focus on good quality, sleek design, and reasonable prices. The toys mainly aim to form products that help in children’s education and play. They have built customers and loyalty over time. These products are widely recognised and meet the challenging social and economic needs. The following products are most bought from the product series:


  1. Magic Cube Stress Squeeze Ball (QM-8091)

This QIMENT smart ball has 12 different rainbow circles and 11 assorted colour balls. The material is ABS and comes with a plastic box. It also has letting holes. The letting holes are white and vacant and is reserved for moving balls of other colours. It also has a stretch sponge inside of the support which makes it an ideal stress squeeze toy. This product also comes with a play show which is listed as under:

The location of balls needs to be disorganised by pressing them one by one inside.

The balls should be pressed with enough effort to make a pop sound in order to complete the shift.

All the balls should be restored into the same circle holes to complete the game.

  1. Jumping Frogs (QM-8092)

This product is suitable for children with ADHD. The package weighs around 90 grams and the packaging can be customised. This is a fancy toy, and the product is non-toxic. There is a hinge in the centre of the toy. This, when pressed with finger and aimed at the target bucket, will jump. This will help the children in acknowledging their efforts and to believe in themselves.

  1. 350 Snowflake Building Blocks (QM-8888)

This product come in a custom packaging and is made of PE material. The package weighs almost 520 grams and the single package size is around 15.8 X 13.1 cm. This product has many advantages. The round design and the unique colours are very appealing to children. Each piece is smooth and burr free. These bright colours will help the baby in recognising and learning. Moreover, it is safe and non-toxic.


  1. Bullet Shape Building Blocks (QM- 807B)

These building blocks are termed as 340 grams in PP bag. This is so because the packaging of the product is in a PP bag. The weight of the single packing is 340 grams, and its size is 27 X 29 cm. These building blocks come in 7 different colours and 5 different shapes. Moreover, they come in a different lengths and widths. It has some advantages over the other products. It has a smooth round design which is burr free. They feel good to play and the ABS thickness of 2.2 mm is ideal to make different toys and build different designs.

This will be a good buy for children with ADHD because it will help them in being creative. They will be attracted towards the vibrant colours and can make all of those things which just exist in their imaginative world.

The brand is well reputed for such stress squeeze toys. Some of the reviews state that

With several playful designs and calm-inducing rainbow colour products to choose from, it is a fun option for kids who struggle with focusing.