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Surprise Egg Toy — Why Kids Are Obsessed with Unboxing Videos

What are unboxing Videos?

The unboxing videos are among the highest-grossing videos in the US. As the name indicates, these videos are based on toys’ unboxing and surprise egg toy while narrating their actions. These videos are short, focused, and fascinating.

It is an appalling irony of today’s modern world that children prefer to watch other kids playing with toys on android screens rather than playing themselves.

Surprise Egg Toys

A room full of toys doesn’t fascinate a child as much as an unboxing video of candies, toys, and Surprise egg toy from their favorite YouTuber.

The unboxing videos get millions of likes and views on YouTube. Whether it be the popular Ryan Toy’s Review or any other host, these videos get a tremendous response from kids worldwide.

Purpose of Unboxing Videos:

In 2013, the unboxing videos posted on YouTube increased up to 50 percent whereas, overall unboxing video views have increased up to 57 percent.

The primary purpose of unboxing videos is to market the product and show a clean view of the product. Moreover, it shows the packaging quality and crafting the brand image.

What makes Unboxing Videos so Obsessing?

You must have witnessed your child lost in unboxing videos and not even responding.

The conspicuous thing is what makes these unboxing videos so obsessing? We have come up with some possible reasons behind the fame of these videos. The reason why kids get fascinated by these videos includes:

·         Satisfaction in Taking Control:

The sense of control that a child feels when he/ she operates the android themselves satisfies them.

Also, selecting their desired unboxing video and watching it makes them feel that they asked the people to unbox the toy for them. Watching the desired content on a tap gives them a sense of reward to the little viewer.

·         Focus on one thing:

The unboxing videos of surprise egg toy or any other toy are usually slow-paced and focused, making it simple-to-understand for children. The slow speed and option to replay a video again make it enjoyable for kids.

You must have noticed your little one playing the same video repeatedly; this is because he wants to understand the content.

·         Short Time:

The appropriate timing of these unboxing videos hypnotizes kids to the screen. They are not formal and are quite interacting. A playlist of these unboxing videos and surprise egg toy videos keeps children busy for a long time, which is harmful to their physical and mental health.

·         Surprise attract Human:

Surprises and discovering the thing undercover are basic human instincts. The curiosity of knowing the hidden is something that excites humans. Children love the toys’ unboxing, and the instant reaction given to them by the host makes it more entertaining. This all seems like a real story to them.

The Craze of Surprise Egg Toy Videos:

The surprise egg toy videos have an immense following on YouTube. The content of such videos is based on the opening of the surprise eggs, taking out the toy, keeping it aside, and moving to others.

The lady with a fresh manicure on-screen is interested in exciting the kids by opening the surprise egg toys and nothing else. Moreover, the miniature toy might also be the least attractive, but the unwrapping process excites and engage them. However, the same process done by kids excites them even more.

Best Surprise Egg Toy:

The craze of surprise egg toys has increased the variety in the market. Let’s have a look at the ten best surprise eggs.

  1. LOL Surprise! Glitter Globe Doll Winter Disco Series.
  2. Hatchimals Mermal Magic CollEGGtibles.
  3. Ryan’s World Mini Mystery Egg.
  4. Kinder Surprise Egg.
  5. My Little Pony Cutie Mark Crew, Series 4.
  6. Rainbowcorns Ultimate Surprise Egg.
  7. 5 Surprise Mini Brand.
  8. Ailover Surprise Doll.
  9. Plush Crush Puzzle Crush Ball.
  10. Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Jewellery Box Royal Dozen.

Who is Behind the famous unboxing Videos?

There are various people behind the unboxing videos, including kids and adults. Most of the kids are inspired by already famous YouTubers and start making videos while idealizing them. Others take it as one of the favorite potential genres and dive into the market to try their luck.

Do brands sponsor unboxing videos?

Some of the unboxing videos might be sponsored by toy companies, but not all of them. The toy companies often approach famous kids (toy influencers) YouTubers for branding. Once they become famous as an influencer, people approach them.

How to Become an Unbox Influencer?

Unboxing is a fun thing to watch. You can get large followers if you are capable of providing quality content. Giving an honest review and answer all the frequently asked questions by the consumer makes your video worth watching.

Once you succeeded in building your trust in the market by giving an honest review, it will not be challenging to get likes and views. A clear voice, a clean background, one camera set on a tripod, a countertop to display products, and good lighting is all you need to start.

Tips for making Unboxing Video:

If you are also influenced by the unboxing videos and planning to start your channel. Here are the essential tips to make a successful unboxing video or surprise egg toy video:

  • Whatever you start, stick to it. If you have dedicated your channel to unbox toys, don’t jump to unboxing other tools.
  • Practice speaking clearly and loudly. Suppose you are talking to a class full of kids, and you want them all to understand what you are doing and talking about.
  • It is not necessary to have a high-end setup to make an unboxing video. You only require a tripod and a good quality android camera.
  • Don’t try to prolong the video by creating suspense initially; it may let your viewer tap on the other video.
  • An ideal time for an unboxing video is less than 5 minutes.
  • Your unboxing video should have all the relevant details about the product.
  • Last but not the least, to make the video engaging, think about an attractive title for your video i.e. Dope or Nope. Use hashtags and timely products.

How to Make Money with Unboxing Videos?

YouTube is a potential source of income, and unboxing videos can aid a lot in making money. Consider the following tips to make your channel profitable:

  • Monetize your channel.
  • Connect your YouTube account to your Google AdSense account.
  • Do the product promotions.
  • Once you get 1000+ subscribers, charge for premium content.
  • Work hard and don’t give up.

Surprise Egg Toy

 Wrap up:

The unboxing videos and surprise egg toys are trending on YouTube channels. Though children nowadays are obsessed with unboxing videos, and they have made it an alternative to television.  Even though these videos offer a number of benefits, it is dvisable to keep a check on-screen time as it is hazardous to their physical and mental health.

Also, a better alternative is to get your kids the egg toys. This way they would be able to experience what they have been seeing in those videos. Despite their benefits, we do recommend that you don’t let them get too fascinated by the kid’s influencers who can get whatever they want to from the shopping malls. Being a parent, you have to keep them grounded in reality.

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