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5 Best Methods to Take care Decompression Toy at Home

How to machine wash children’s toys?

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When buying a decompression toy for your child, even at the stage of selection, you need to think about how you are going to take care of it in the future. It is no secret that a large amount of dust is gradually clogged on the surface, villi and in the fabric, which must be removed in a timely manner. If you do not wash and take care of the products, they can cause allergic reactions in the child, runny nose, cough, itching, etc.

Not many people know how to wash soft toys correctly, what temperature regime to choose and what products to use. All this you can find out from the useful tips presented in this blog of the Pampik online store.

Which decompression toy is best hand washed and which ones in the washing machine?

A washing machine is a household appliance that greatly simplifies and makes life easier for many. At the same time, it is possible to wash not only items of clothing, shoes, various textiles, but also plush toys of the child.

However, not all decompression toys can be washed this way. For example, it is strictly forbidden to wash in general products that have embedded electronics inside. Most often these are musical toys , the electronic filling of which cannot be completely removed.

Hand wash is recommended in the following cases:

If the toy is electronic with sound effects, it can be gently washed by hand in parts, protecting the elements with wires, buttons, etc .;

Hand wash is recommended if the toy is disassembled in parts (unpicked at the seams). This hand wash is also suitable for electronic and musical variations;

Gentle washing is recommended in cases where the plush hero is decorated with various small elements (beads, rhinestones, buttons, and sparkles). They may come off when washed in the machine and may stain other items in the drum. Especially do not subject such products to machine wash if the decor is not sewn, but fixed with glue;

If the product has a long pile, which, after washing in the machine, may shed and lose its original volume and splendor;

Why decompression toy hand washing is important?

Decompression toy hand washing is recommended if the filler of the toy is sawdust, cotton wool or straw. Such fillers can form lumps and, after drying, accumulate in one place, it will be quite difficult to straighten them and evenly distribute;

If the eyes, nose, mouth and other plastic elements are colored: during intensive washing, they may become faded or wear off.

You can machine wash most classic soft toys that do not have wires inside the battery compartment, which can oxidize as a result of water ingress.

It is important to wash toys correctly. It is recommended to use laundry soap for hand washing. If it is not on hand, you can use a simple hair shampoo or laundry detergent for baby clothes.

At what temperature is it worth washing soft toys in the washing machine?

Many parents do not know which temperature is optimal and suitable for washing. The first thing to remember is that before taking care of such a plush product, it is very important to take into account not general advice and recommendations, but the individual characteristics of a particular thing.

After buying, be sure to keep the cut label or if it is textile, leave it in its place. The label clearly shows how to care for a particular product using special pictures / numbers.

However, if for some reason you do not have information on the care of your decompression toy, you can adhere to the general requirements. You can wash plush characters at a temperature of 30-40 degrees. However, if the label says that washing is possible at a temperature of 60 degrees, then the product can be washed in sufficiently hot water. The hotter the water can be used, the better, as high temperatures kill many harmful bacteria.

List of detergents for decompression toy:


Laundry soap. The composition contains only natural, hypoallergenic and safe ingredients. Ideal for machine and hand wash. Do not wash white products with laundry soap, as they may have a slightly yellowish tint;

Baby soap . Differs in a high degree of safety. However, this option is not suitable for removing serious dirt and deeply ingrained stains;

Hair shampoo. It is best to wash toys for newborns and the smallest with their own shampoo;

Powder. It is also recommended to use baby powder that you add when washing baby clothes;

Specialized tools. They are suitable for washing toys that older children will play with. You can buy delicate laundry detergents in liquid, powdery state, in capsule form.

Keep in mind that the detergent may not be completely washed out, so give preference to hypoallergenic formulations. It is also allowed to use an air conditioner, but it is better to choose a children’s air conditioner for decompression toy.

What is the best mode for washing soft toys?

You can buy soft toys on our website pampik.com. After buying, pay attention to the mode in which it is recommended to wash them so that they fully retain all their characteristics, shape, color brightness, density, pile pile.

Since modern washing machines have many different modes, it is important to choose the optimal and most suitable one in order not to spoil the thing.

Here are some tips for machine washing:

Choose only the delicate mode. It is he who guarantees gentle care, getting rid of dirt and stains. At the same time, the paint will not peel off, the pile will remain lush, the filler will not shrink, the seams will not creep, all the accessories will remain in place.

It is forbidden to use spinning. Disable the spin mode, as it can negatively affect the condition of the toy. After it, holes may form, seams may break, the product will lose its shape and original volume. After washing, gently wring the toy out with your hands or leave it to drain.

Hand drying. Do not tumble dry decompression toy. It’s best to do it manually. Small and medium soft toys are hung, large ones just fit. It is not recommended to dry products on a heated towel rail, on a radiator or under the scorching sun.

How often should stuffed decompression toy be washed?

Since soft toys, first of all, are created not for play, but for the soul – the baby hugs with them, sleeps, carries whole toys with him and shows warm feelings – they need regular washing. How often should this be done?

Timely washing is a necessity, since a large amount of dust, dirt accumulates on the textile surface, in the pile and filler, and dust mites can start.

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The frequency of washing directly depends on the age of the baby and the frequency of using the toy:

0 to 1 year old. Soft toys at this age are constantly next to the baby, therefore, they need to be washed 1-2 times a month. It is not necessary to use machine wash. It is enough to wash it under water with baby soap and dry it.

1.5 to 3 years old. If the toy is in the stroller with the baby, you take it outside; it should be washed at least once a month.

3 and older. At this age, toys are not with the baby so often, since he does not constantly lie in the crib and plays different games. Therefore, you can wash plush items once every 2 months. If a child sleeps with this toy, constantly hugs it and kisses it, you need to wash it once a month. If they are used only for play, and the rest of the time lies in their basket or drawer, they can be washed once every 3 months.

In order for the soft “character” to retain its original attractiveness, brightness of color, pile, volume, additional accessories, you can put it in a bag for washing before washing.

How to take care of large decompression toy?

Many children have favorite soft decompression toy, and they are not always small or medium in size. Many babies are presented with large toys, 1 meter high or more. Such variations simply will not fit into the drum of a washing machine. But over time, dust settles on their surface, dirt appears. So how do you care for large plush toys?