Benefits of “UVC robots” 

Uvc disinfection robot is like a new type of UV disinfector that can adapt for use in daily life as appropriate. Whether at the household level, business level, industrial factory or it can be medical; it is best device to use in homes and at commercial places.

uvc disinfection robot

The use of disinfection robots in industrial production systems helps to eliminate germs, bacteria and foreign matter in the production of products. To, prevent the virus from affecting the good image and quality of our business.

Intelligent Spray Disinfection Robot KWR-613

Uvc disinfection robot can be appropriately adapted to household applications. The best example is Intelligent Spray Disinfection Robot KWR-613.

  • It is autonomous
  • 1 meter obstacle recognition
  • Detection Angle is 270
  • Strong disinfection 1000m³ of space power in 15 minutes only
  • Low Battery Automatic Recharge


Household UVC robots level

Especially the things that we need to take out and take out and bring back to keep at home. The more it needs to disinfect for safety.

There is a variety of disinfection equipment that can use by you to choose from. However, when choosing a UVC robot, safety should be taken into account. If uses in excess or inappropriate may be more dangerous than you think.

Disinfection robot for Business level

Uvc disinfection robot can apply to business or industrial plants very well because many businesses rely on germicidal light. whether in the field of disinfection of the workplace, in a manufacturing plant or radiation disinfection. To disinfect products or products that the business wants to sell, such as

  • Disinfection in the store supermarket 

To eliminate germs and bacteria that may contaminate from storage or during shipping by various stores UVC robots can use to disinfect before the products are sold. To stop the spread of the virus to another level

UVC Disinfection robots for Restaurant 

The use of uvc disinfection robot helps to keep the surrounding area of ​​the restaurant germ-free. Especially in terms of preparing food to be cleaner and eliminate pathogens various bacteria that may affect the health of customers In addition, disinfection of customer areas is also an important part.

Due to the area that customers have to eat. Using UVC robots to kill germs will help reduce the risk of spreading the virus well.

  • industrial plant

Medical UVC robots 

UVC robots are very useful in medicine. Because it can help project germicidal light make the tool executable In addition, the UVC robot inhibits 99% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus on exposed surfaces for 6 seconds.

The uvc disinfection robot can also use to check for foreign matter and contaminants in the lab as well therefore, it can be said that UVC robots are very important for medical purposes. And is a device that is almost indispensable

  • Choose a reasonably priced UVC robot sold in a reputable store. and have products to choose from according to their own needs
  • Choose a UVC disinfection robot with the right wattage or wattage for the installation site for proper use.

The danger of UV robots if they are in excess

Too much has a negative effect on the UVC robot itself, too much can affect the body or the surface.

  • to the body

When radiation disinfection Excessive contact with the skin the skin burns and has a chance of developing skin cancer if the light kills germs. Direct eye contact can cause corneal inflammation. Abnormal vision and May eventually lose sight

  • to the surface

Uvc disinfection robot can destroy the chemical composition of plastics. Causing the plastic to deteriorate faster including insulation or rubber products may eventually deteriorate.

In addition, the dangers of UV robots can arise from improper use. Because the UV radiation use to kill germs kills DNA, it can cause harm to our skin. Therefore, in the use of disinfection robots, it is important to study how to properly use the robot and how to prevent potential dangers.


How to choose a quality “UVC robot”?

As is known, uvc disinfection robots have the ability to project. Germicidal light or radiation disinfection by extracting the burning energy of ultraviolet radiation like using UV disinfector, but in the form of a UVC robot, a UVC disinfector will keep you away from germs and bacteria. Whether, it’s at the household level, business level or in the medical field.

How to choose a UVC robot for optimal use and get the utmost safety must take into account the following matters:

  • Choose Qinghemeta proven sate of the art disinfection robot.
  • Choose UVC robots that have been certified by standards in terms of safety and passed the product standard test.

If you are still unsure or have further questions about the purchase of uvc disinfection robot, you can contact us for advice. Without having to be a business unit with us “, we have a full range of services, whether

  • Supply and sell light bulbs and all kinds of electrical equipment both Thai and foreign brands
  • Provide advice and advice on how to use electrical equipment properly by experts.
  • Delivery service to your hands quickly and timely.
    uvc disinfection robot 2022

Uvc robot for killing covid-19 virus and omicron virus

From the current events of COVID-19 There are a wide variety of germ mutations. As now there is a new species. The latest Omicron virus has spread rapidly.

What is Omicron virus? Why is it spreading so fast, so many people are addicted!

Covid-19 virus the latest breeds, new arrival, hot, and spreads the infection quickly. Causing a lot of people to infect in a short period of time let’s know what Omicron virus is.

Covid-19 virus Omicron strains (Omicron) causes by a gene mutation.

Uvc disinfection robot prevent covid and omicron virus

The virus binds to human cells in more than 10 locations, more than the Delta species.

  • First omicron virus found in South Africa and later spread to countries around the world in a very fast time
  • Omicron virus can easily enter the human body. And spread quickly Along with the tendency to dodge immunity from vaccines and natural immunity.

Of people who have been infected with COVID-19 another species has arrived. Make the vaccines that are currently in use can be reduced in efficiency

  • The World Health Organization has declared it the latest strain of concern.