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Vending Machine Toys: A Basic Guide for Parents to Choose Toys

Choose toys for children from 1 to 3 years old

Vending Machine Toys

Mothers should choose vending machine toys that can stimulate the child’s senses to develop such as:

  • Toys in bright colors.
  • Toys are not too complicated.
  • Variety of materials.

Capable of making sounds when the child makes an impact.

Recommended: stress toys, dolls/stuffed animals, jigsaw towers, toys with buttons, colorful blocks…

What kind of vending machine toys we should choose?

Mothers should choose children’s toys that can stimulate children’s touch because at this time, children are learning to explore everything around.

Recommendations: The book has lots of colored blocks, vending machine toys, unbreakable mirrors, toys that make sounds.

Mothers should choose children’s toys to help children learn to imitate and follow daily activities

Recommended: Dolls, kitchen/bedroom sets, and career suits like doctor/carpenter/mechanic…

Mothers should also choose toys capable of emitting music that will stimulate the child’s brain to develop, creating interest in music for children from an early age.

Recommend: toy musical instruments such as piano, guitar, drums, trumpet, etc.

Children vending machine toys

Mothers can also choose vending machine toys that help children develop their imagination such as stress toys, crayons, coloring books, dollhouse models, etc. Mothers can choose children’s toys that allow children to transform into festival characters such as princesses, superheroes, and cartoon characters.

Choose toys for children to transform into real life characters, career orientation for children from an early age such as: doctor’s clothes, police clothes, chef’s clothes, astronaut’s clothes…

Regarding outdoor toys, these toys will help children exercise their health and help them be more active.

Recommended: sand shovel, water sprayer, balloon, ball, car, trailer…

Choose vending machine toys for children in kindergarten

Mothers should choose toys that help children practice ingenuity and improve creativity such as: building blocks, colorful play dough, crayons, colorful cardboard…

Vending machine toys help children relate to the world around them like characters in cartoons.

Children’s toys help children practice skills such as colorful clay, battery-powered toys, musical instruments, jigsaw puzzles, etc.

Choose toys that help children have a spirit of teamwork, interact with people, and develop communication skills, express emotions such as chessboards, goods, and assembly objects…

Choose toys for children in elementary school

Mothers should choose toys that can stimulate children’s movements such as kites, roller skates, sleds, painting tools, sewing kits, etc.

Mothers can choose vending machine toys for children toys that both exercise health and help children interact with the surrounding environment such as children’s bicycles, remote control airplanes/cars, pastels painted on the background, laboratory suits experiment, detective toy…

Vending Machine Toys 2021

Furthermore, it is important to reconcile the child’s wishes with their safety. Choosing the right toy is essential to ensure that she can enjoy the moment with quality.

With that in mind, we have produced this article to guide you in choosing the ideal toy for each age. In the end, we still give you a super tool to make this task even easier. Check out!

Why bother with age-appropriate toys?

Those who think that toys are only for children’s enjoyment are wrong. In fact, the act of playing is one of the best ways to stimulate a child’s development.

The right toys contribute to discovering the world, as they stimulate all the senses of a very young child.

Little ones often choose a favorite toy, one that will accompany them in difficult times and give them security. It is with this stuffed animal or doll that the child will share their emotions.

Sharing is Caring

In addition, as the little ones grow, toys become allies in the development of motor coordination, balance and even socialization. By sharing vending machine toys and playtime with other children, they learn to share what is theirs and take care of what belongs to the other.

Finally, toys often mimic real life situations: professions, dealing with money, scientific experiments, vehicles, creativity, etc.

Tips for choosing the ideal toys for each age

In addition to choosing the ideal toy for the age group, it is important to consider that they need to be safe and suitable. In other words, the adequacy concerns the abilities that the child must have to be able to enjoy the toy in a safe way, that is, without it offering risks to the child.

We have created a list to help you choose the perfect toy for each age group. Check out!

 Toys for babies up to 1 year old

Babies in this age group are at the stage of discovery and interaction with their environment. Thus, the most suitable toys are those that allow them to explore their touch, hearing, vision and even those that encourage them to crawl.

Vending machine toys According to Age

For the most part, vending machine toys intended for this age should be light to handle, brightly colored, have no sharp points or edges, and should have large pieces to prevent them from being swallowed.

These recommendations are very important as many of the objects are brought to the mouth to bite and need to be extremely safe.

Some ideas for babies at this age are: rattle and tether, inflatable water mat, soft blocks and mobile.

Toys for 2 to 3 year olds

Children in this age group enjoy make-believe and play that encourages the imagination. So, they often like to imitate the adult world and want to be teachers, drive planes, cook or work in the market.

In addition, little ones at this age are restless and need vending machine toys that stimulate their body movement. It is the phase of pushing furniture, climbing it, playing outdoors and wasting energy.

Interest in music and musical instruments also arises at this time, which is extremely interesting because that’s when they need to improve eye-hand coordination and develop finger skills.

Therefore, some suggestions of toys for the age are: scooter with three wheels, costumes, building blocks and musical keyboard.

Toys for children from 4 to 6 years old

In this age group, the imagination continues to develop and, as most is already in school; it’s time to encourage socialization. Therefore, games, vending machine toys and interactive games are often very successful.

In addition, the little ones are already beginning to develop reasoning and logic, being able to develop visualization, memory and word recognition.