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What are 4 Best ceiling sticky balls you can buy in 2021?

Ceiling sticky balls are getting popular among children and young adults. In this article we will read how you can have the best experience with these balls.

Are ceiling sticky balls dangerous for children?

As mentioned earlier, high-quality anti-stress toys are not dangerous for either children or adults. However, for this it is important to observe a number of the following rules for playing with squish:

  1. Do not cut. You should not check what is inside the toy, as this will deteriorate and become unusable for further play.
  2. Do not set fire. Do not set fire to toys, as this can not only cause a fire, but also as a result of combustion in the air, dangerous and unhealthy substances – products of combustion and decay – can be formed.
  3. Moreover, do not put squish in your mouth. It is important to know that such toys are forbidden to chew and lick. Therefore, if you bought squish for a small child, it is important to control the gameplay.
  4. Buy in trusted stores. When you buy on pampik.com, you can be sure that you are purchasing a quality, non-toxic and safe product that fully meets all the most stringent requirements.

If a child who is under 3 years old asks his parents to buy him such an anti-stress ceiling sticky balls, do not refuse. It is important to remember that the baby’s play with such an object just needs to be controlled and not let the baby try and lick the squish.

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How to choose bathroom ceiling sticky balls toys?

Many parents have absolutely no idea how to teach their kids to swim. It seems that the water is of the right temperature, and the shampoo does not sting the eyes, and the soap smells good. But babies – very, very many, still terribly do not like to swim. And sometimes they throw real tantrums to their parents.

When babies grow up a little, bathing still does not become a favorite pastime. Moreover, the dislike of washing does not depend at all on the sex of the child. Both boys and girls can be capricious.

But you can always turn it into a fun game. After all, completely different children adore splashing around. And many parents experienced extremely ambivalent feelings when they learned that their beloved child decided to teach the TV remote control or mother’s phone to swim. Therefore, trips to the bathroom can be brightened up with toys: both the child will be pleased, and the parents will be calmer.

But the most important thing in all this is how to choose toys that will interest the child. In our parent’s years, bath toys were rubber ducks at best. The generation of the nineties was much more fortunate – there were already toys with motors that were so interesting to run on water. And now the choice has completely expanded to unimaginable heights.

Diversity of the world of bath ceiling sticky balls

Finding ceiling sticky balls that will keep your child company while bathing is not a problem at all. It is much more important to choose them correctly, by age. Here are some helpful tips from Pampik.com:

Water toys, they are also cascades. These are mills, waterfalls, car washes, labyrinths – even houses. They act on the principle of a reservoir: water is poured inside, turns the wheels, and looks for a way out of the maze – depending on the toy itself.

Mounts of this type are most often suction cups. These toys are suitable for very young children, one year olds – and even younger. Toddlers love to watch the mechanism go into action. True, if the child is active, most likely he will try to help the mechanism on his own.

Game centers. They are very similar to cascades, but, unlike cascades, individual small animals or cars can still participate here. The theme of such toys is very diverse: from car washes to water parks.

Swimming ceiling sticky balls

The choice is huge – from ducks and frogs to crocodiles and dogs. Moreover, if you search well, you can find boats or babies. Most of the toy animals also have the ability to draw water. Some rubber toys make a wide variety of sounds.

Such toys are good because very little children can simply play with ceiling sticky balls, and, in the process of playing, learn the names of animals. But older children will surely enjoy role-playing games with such toys, where each has its own role.

Ceiling sticky balls for children

As a rule, the set contains a fishing rod and various river, or even sea animals. The hook of the fishing rod is replaced with a special magnet on which a variety of fish are hooked. A big plus of this game is that the child can fish out fish not only from the bottom of the bath: both the basin and the bucket will also perfectly play the role of a reservoir.

The game is quite simple and interesting. And if there are several children, you can play in turn. Or buy two sets – the more fish, the more successful the fishing! The only thing that comes in handy here is the bath.

Clockwork ceiling sticky balls

They are also divided into two subtypes: boats that spray with water, you just have to press a button and a variety of vehicles / animals with motors. The ceiling sticky balls must be turned on / started and lowered into the water so that it starts moving. Many of them have other actions as well: for example, they release soap bubbles.

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Ceiling sticky balls Stickers

Your bathroom will acquire unprecedented splendor. These are stickers that stand up to the daily water test. Depending on the age, you can choose a theme. Kids will be interested in various animals and birds. But with older children, you can try to learn different concepts like “long – short” or letters.

Interactive ceiling sticky balls

The books are made from special materials. When such a book falls into the water, its pictures become much brighter.

Moreover, you can even find coloring pages that are not afraid of water – and are absolutely harmless. With interactive ceiling sticky balls, everything is even more interesting. Depending on its abilities, such a toy moves or changes color only when it gets into the water.


Choosing ceiling sticky balls: safety

Despite the huge number of the most diverse options, do not forget to check the quality of your baby’s toys.  So, what you need to look for when buying bath toys:

  1. Safety. When buying, you should pay attention to the certificate and related documents. Ceiling sticky balls must comply with European health and safety standards, and materials must be hypoallergenic. All this should be indicated in the accompanying documentation. Never buy toys accompanied by photocopies. Of course, the price can be much less, but the quality will be much worse.
  2. Age. Be sure to keep track of what age this or that toy is intended for. As a rule, this is indicated in the accompanying documentation. Older children may not be interested in toddler toys. But babies should not be given any devices with small details: they run the risk of migrating into their mouths.