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What is difference between custom stress balls and spinners?

Why exactly anti-stress?

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In our modern digital age, people spend most of their time at computers, smartphones and other electronic devices, but a person, especially his eyes, needs a rest from them. Therefore, things that do not use electronics are becoming more and more in demand now. That is why you need custom stress balls.

Where to buy custom stress balls?

Our shop specializes in the sale of anti-stress toys. After all, as a rule, these are simple mechanical devices – with only rare exceptions – such as luminous spinners. In addition, anti-stress toys are not just toys; they also have useful functions, the main of which are to help you concentrate on your task, as well as relieve accumulated stress.

How does stress ball give you relief?

It works as follows: a person cannot concentrate on the task, because he is constantly distracted by various thoughts – I forgot to turn off the iron, what the customer will answer, etc. These thoughts constantly creep into his head and draw all attention to himself, therefore, to solve the problem there are simply custom stress balls.

To relieve the head of all these unnecessary thoughts, the brain gives a command to the muscles, which in turn begin to perform obsessive repetitive movements. The result is a feeling close to meditation, which calms the brain.

How often and who buys them – what age, professions?

Most of custom stress balls are bought by people working in offices. Anti-stress toys allow them to take their minds off computers and relieve the stress caused by repetitive work. No wonder Forbes magazine once called the spinner a “Must Have” toy in the office.

And of course, students and schoolchildren – they have a rush almost all the time =)

Also, anti-stress toys are always an original and unusual gift. Therefore, during holidays such as New Years, February 23rd or March 8th, there is especially a lot of sales.

How to get custom stress balls?

Sometimes we deliver orders ourselves – an excellent way to communicate with our customers – we recommend to all online custom stress balls stores – you will learn a lot of new things: what your customers want, what they like or dislike about the store’s service, etc.

Prices – inside and out? What do they depend on?

For example, for a spinner, the price depends on the shape, body materials and bearing type. These characteristics directly affect the spinning time (spintime) of the spinner. The better the bearing and body balance, the longer the spinner will spin.

Of the body shapes, the most popular model is the triple one, as it has the best balancing and centrifugal force characteristics. Simple custom stress balls can be bought for a little money.

How custom stress balls are useful?

For beginners, those who just want to try what it is, I recommend buying custom stress balls. Also, plastic balls are good to use for teaching tricks – they are lighter and take less damage when dropped, well, and cheaper.

Experienced users with plastic spinners will, of course, not be so interested. They need a long spinning time and a lot of weight for tricks. In turn, rare and expensive spinners are perfect as a gift.

– How long, in your opinion, will these toys still be popular?

This direction is just beginning to develop. There are a huge number of ideas that can still be implemented in this area. Fidget Cube became world famous, then spinners. Now there are toys such as Mokuro , Fidget Pen , etc. You can find out about these and other new products and purchase them on our website.

Why is stress ball trendy and popular?

Basically, the fashion for most of the anti-stress toys comes, of course, from the West. Although there are exceptions here – for example, the Fidget Cube was developed in the USA, while it comes from Japan. In my store, I try to collect anti-stress products from all over the world.


The modern ever-accelerating rhythm of life leaves almost no time for a person to rest, as a result, nervous tension accumulates. One of the great ways to relax is by using specially designed anti-stress custom stress balls. So anti-stress is not just a fashion, but a vital necessity.

How are these toys useful and how are they harmful?

Fidget spinners with a sharp body can cause injury, so they should not be given to children or used to practice various tricks.

It is also worth noting that low-quality anti-stress toys made of cheap materials may contain substances hazardous to health, so I do not recommend buying them on the street, in stalls or from your hands, but buy only in trusted stores.

Otherwise, the advantages of mechanical anti-stress toys are obvious – avoiding electronics, developing fine motor skills and, of course, relieving stress. The main thing is not to lead to fanaticism, because as they say – everything is good in moderation.

In which way custom stress balls provide mental relaxation?

I am an engineer by education, graduated. Mostly before that he worked in the field of quality control. Therefore, the experience gained and the technical mindset allows you to customize the logistics of processes in such a way as to ensure a low cost of goods, their high quality and prompt delivery to the buyer. This is the best to buy custom stress balls. Because, it gives you comfort.
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Anti-stress objects: what are they?

Simple, they are small toys that are used, crushed in the hands or manipulated by the fingers, to relieve stress and muscle tension.

Some are modeled in fun shapes and pad or transfer printed with company logos. They can be presented to employees and customers of companies as promotional gifts.

Among the anti-stress games we find:

  • anti-stress gadget
  • stress balls
  • anti-stress objects
  • stress ball
  • masseurs
  • fidget spinner
  • anti-stress books


Custom stress balls come in different sizes, essences and textures, each have a different level of consistency, soft – medium – hard. Thanks to their fragrance, they are also excellent as room fragrances to keep in the office or in the car, at school. They improve the grip and mobility of the hand.