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What stress relief toys can I buy for children up to 2 years old?

Those who have young children at home and they have hyper active behavior; you need to bring stress relief toys. You know that there are days when every room looks like a minefield, with toys scattered on the floor, furniture and every possible corner that children have access to.

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Despair often hits parents who even think about throwing everything away, just so they don’t have to deal with the organization’s work.

Tress balls have many advantages

An important point is to know that, if they work every day with the children, the housekeeping routine ends up becoming a habit in the near future, and, little by little, they will learn to play and store everything properly later, to make the next day easier , it’s to everyone’s advantage.

Here are five stress relief toys tips that will help fathers and mothers and teach boys and girls to take care of their belongings and also contribute to the well-being of the family as a whole.

1- stress relief toys Categories

Organizing the toys before starting to put them away is essential for not having double work, keeping what will no longer be used.

Select them according to four different categories: in the first, toys that the children are still playing with and which are in good condition; in the second, toys that do not arouse the interest of the little ones as much, but that the family is willing to keep, either for the next generations or as a souvenir; in the third, toys that you will no longer play with, nor that you want to keep; and, finally, on the fourth, broken toys or missing parts.

2- Choose a place for stress relief toys

Even small apartments are able to hold the stress relief toys of a family with children. To make this possible, select a place in the house that will be the “store” for the children’s things, either in their bedroom or in a common area, such as the living room or balcony.

It will organize the boxes, shelves, shelves and other devices that facilitate the access of the little ones to toys and, at the same time, allow everything to be stored without a mess at the end of the day.

3- Boxes, boxes and more boxes

Construction and housewares stores are full of solutions for those looking to organize their home. And, when it comes to putting away the children’s things, the best options are boxes, especially the transparent plastic ones, which allow both parents and children to see what’s inside.


A good tip is also to put labels on the lid of each one – “Carts”, “Pieces to Assemble”, “Dolls” etc – to not only help in a practical way, but also to give a little help to the little ones in phase of literacy.

4- Also organize the stress relief toys game

We know that, at the time of excitement, it becomes difficult to contain the kids, who want to have fun with everything at the same time and now.

But it is important that parents teach their children that, in order to maintain a nice routine for the whole family at home, the idea of ​​playing with stress relief toys – or a category – sometimes helps, especially in the “after”, when the time comes to save everything.

If done consistently, this will become a habit, and the chances that the child will grow up organized will increase.

5- One in, one out

Not only for the issue of organization, but also to encourage generosity and detachment in the little ones, try to impose the rule that, for a new toy to enter the house, an old one must leave, being donated to another child.

Explain that it is about learning to be supportive, to know not to accumulate and, above all, to help tidy up the family’s house as a whole.

What stress relief toys can I buy for children up to 2 years old?

Up to 2 years of age, children require special attention. They are full of energy and love to explore the unknown. Every day is a new learning and a new game.

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Thus, one of the main desires of parents is to understand which stress relief toys are most recommended for this age group. Children up to 2 years old begin to become more independent and learn many new words. It’s normal for them to start talking without stopping there.

To further stimulate them, try out games that induce a sense of direction as well as safety. Have your child socialize with other children too, so that he develops empathy and feelings of friendship and togetherness.

To help in the arduous mission of selecting ideal toys for children in this age group, we have put together a list with some indications.

Now, let’s go to our other tips?

1 – Building blocks and stuffed animals

At this stage of childhood, the child begins to exercise hand-eye coordination.

This means that she can already assemble structures with wooden blocks and also put a stuffed animal or doll to sleep.

The 10 in 1 Pet Dogs Blocks is one of the options for the child to assemble shapes with the pieces.

How about having Disney characters such as Goofy, Pluto, Donald Duck and Daisy close to your child? All of them are available here at YOU.

2 – Toy cars

Having toy vehicles such as cars, buses and trucks makes a 2-year-old child reach the ground.

This allows the weight of the body to encourage the little ones to move.

Thus, the legs and arms gain greater rigidity.

3 – Scooter

  • With the scooter, you can teach your child directions.
  • Use phrases like “Now you’re turning left” or “Turn right”.
  • Then ask him to retrace the path indicating the direction he is going.
  • Fisher Price has a 2 in 1 scooter and bicycle model .
  • While still 2 years old, the child can use the scooter to learn to gain speed as well as confidence.

Children up to 2 years old: which stress relief toys to choose?

It is the guarantee that the stress relief toys have been tested and that it does not pose any risk to the child.

As much as the product is recommended for up to 2 years, only parents know the pace of their child’s development. Children grow in their time and may be more or less evolved than others. There is nothing wrong with that.