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Which is the best squeeze toy for children under 5 years in 2021?

How to train your children using various toys?

The choice of toys for the baby requires special attention, because it is with them that the child spends most of his time. He takes them for a walk, plays in the arena, or even falls asleep in the arms of a textile friend. That is why caring parents prefer Squeeze toy made of rubber or natural cotton without elements that can be easily torn off. But caring for a newborn does not end with the right choice of cubes and teddy bears …

It’s no secret that even the safest and most environmentally friendly toy accumulates dust and bacteria, which are very important to eliminate in time. How to care for your baby’s plush, wooden or rubber pets, you will learn from this article.

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Rules for the care of Squeeze toy

Stuffed toys will keep their beautiful appearance for many years, if you take note of some tips:

  • Protect your favorite toy friends from the scorching sun to protect them from paint fading.
  • Do not machine wash knitted toys, as this may deform them.
  • When cleaning textile friends, do not use bleaches and other chemicals, as this will not only affect the external characteristics of the toys, but also the health of the baby.
  • Try as often as possible to sweep away dust that has settled on toys with a special brush.
  • If the teddy friend is no longer interested in the child and serves only as an element of decor for the bedroom, caring for him will not be difficult – just wipe the toy from time to time with a damp cloth.
  • Damp-clean your Squeeze toy once every two weeks to keep them free of bacteria.

What is the most common ways to wash squeeze toys?

We are glad to share with you some easy ways to wet toys. Let’s start with the most popular option – a wash that suits textile friends with a matching tag.

So that the water procedures in the washing machine do not harm the plush pet, place it in a special bag and set the delicate mode. It is recommended to use safe baby powder for washing. The Squeeze toy should spend 30-40 minutes in the washing machine at a temperature of 30 degrees. Do not ignore additional rinsing, as it will help completely rid the toy of the detergent.

In the case when the label on the textile friend says that it is strictly forbidden to wash it in a typewriter, proceed to fun water procedures in a bath or basin. If your child is old enough to help you, then rather call him and offer to bathe your favorite toy. The most convenient way to do this is with a sponge and baby soap.

What are best cleaning options for Squeeze toy?

For knitted friends and large toys, the following cleaning option is suitable: make a soapy solution of water and baby shampoo, whip it up, and use a sponge and thick foam to wipe the stuffed toy. Now replace the solution with plain clean water, and use the same sponge to remove the remaining soap. Such external processing will definitely not require much time and effort!

With any type of cleaning, it is necessary to dry textile toys only in a suspended state so that they will not lose their shape and completely get rid of water. If we talk about knitted friends, then they need to be laid out on a towel and dried in a horizontal position.

How to care for Squeeze toy?

Squeeze toy are simply irreplaceable in the development of the baby. They give new tactile sensations, they cannot be broken or broken, and the baby is also happy to massage the gums with them during teething. How to keep rubber toys bright, attractive and safe for the baby?

  • Remember to wipe them down regularly with a damp sponge or lint-free cloth.
  • Remember that most wooden toys are intolerant of moisture and should not be immersed in water.
  • Do not leave wooden kits in direct sunlight – this will ruin their appearance.
  • Never use polish, varnish or other chemicals when cleaning toys. You can rub the wood with non-toxic beeswax to brighten it up.
  • Over time, chips and uneven edges appear on the wood. To remove them, you need to sand the damaged area, and then add a small amount of hypoallergenic wax, which will restore the surface and prevent future chips.

What are the best Squeeze toys for children 5 years old?

The level of physical and psycho-emotional development of a child at 5 years old directly depends on what he plays with. Correctly selected Squeeze toy help kids not only have fun, but also learn the necessary skills faster. What subjects and manuals are optimal for children who are on the threshold of senior preschool age, we will tell you further.

Features of the development of children at 5 years old

Thinking about what to give a toy to a five-year-old kid, adults often give preference to expensive, fashionable, electronics stuffed items. They will certainly delight the child, but often, after taking his attention for a couple of hours, they move to the shelf, replenishing the collection of unnecessary things.

So that your efforts are not in vain, when choosing toys, it is important to take into account the characteristics of this age.

Toys for children 5 years old

Every five-year-old child should have a variety of toys: developing physical fitness, mental abilities, teaching the norms of behavior in society, the necessary skills.

For outdoor games

Physical activity is essential for any baby. This is a sure way to improve health, train dexterity, coordination of movements, and speed of reaction. To make outdoor activities more fun, you can:

  • bicycle;
  • scooter;
  • roller Skates;
  • soccer, volleyball;
  • boomerang or flying saucer;
  • kite;
  • sledges, cheesecake, snow scooter.

These Squeeze toys are suitable for organizing games in the yard, dacha, and playground. However, kids need to actively move not only on the street, but also at home. After all, the best rest for a child is a change of occupation, and the weather is not always conducive to walking. For active indoor games, you can choose:

  • sports mini-complex;
  • jumper ball;
  • darts;
  • bowling;
  • Hula Hup.

Having released the accumulated stress, having received a boost of vivacity, children will be happy to do more calm things.

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Educational toys for 5 years

Fascinating educational aids are the best idea for a birthday or New Year’s gift for a child 5-6 years old. Indeed, at this age, preparation for school comes to the fore. It is almost impossible to conduct classes in a playful way, turning them into interesting entertainment, without developing toys.

With their help, children can easily master counting, learn letters prepare their hand for writing, learn independence, the basics of correct communication, and broaden their horizons.

Squeeze toy for girls 5 years old: role-playing games

Most girly role-playing games do not go without dolls. Modern five-year-old princesses play with Barbies, dolls that are hard to distinguish from real babies. In addition, every girl would like to have in her arsenal:

  • small soft Squeeze toy;
  • doll houses with furniture;
  • thematic sets (clinic, kitchen, hairdresser, shop);
  • Attributes of fairy-tale characters (magic wand, fairy wings, crown, etc.).

Such items help girls try on the role of a mother, a fairy-tale princess, a doctor or a fashion stylist. This helps young ladies learn the rules of the “adult” world, go through socialization faster, and enrich their vocabulary.