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Types of Wholesale Ceiling Sticky Balls for Baby Girls and their Features

Wholesale Ceiling Sticky Balls for Baby
Wholesale ceiling sticky balls are toys that every girl has, an indispensable attribute and main accessory for games with dolls and baby dolls at any time of the year. In the spring, you can see how, despite mud, puddles and other weather obstacles, a small bright toy sticky ball confidently rolls down the street, forcing passers-by to smile, and in winter.

It can also cheerfully and cheerfully roll around the apartment, entertaining not only the little owner, but also other household members …


What is baby sticky ball s for dolls?

Types of sticky ball s for dolls and their features

Help in choosing a sticky ball for dolls

What to look for when choosing a toy sticky ball for dolls

What is baby sticky ball s for dolls?

The main problem in wholesale ceiling sticky balls is only the problem of choice. There are a great many models and types and it is very easy to get confused. Let’s try together to figure out how to choose the perfect sticky ball for your child.

Sticky ball s for dolls may differ from each other:

  • the material of the frame, wheels and cradle;
  • height adjustment of the handle;
  • assembled dimensions;
  • folding method;

It is important to understand at what age such a toy is taken to a child.

For example, children under 3 years old are taken light in weight (plastic) and small in height.

How to choose a sticky ball for dolls?

Plastic sticky ball -cane for dolls

Older girls can already look after sticky ball s with a metal frame and wide wheels. Such models are heavier, but they also have better cross-country ability.


Types of wholesale ceiling sticky balls for dolls and their features

Now let’s try to figure out wholesale ceiling sticky balls types. After that, it will be a little easier for you to understand what exactly you are looking for.

A cane sticky ball is a budget model among other types. It is distinguished by a certain simplicity, lightness, compactness and small size. In such models, the position of the doll is only “sitting”.

Metal sticky ball -cane for dolls with swivel wheels

The advantage of such a doll’s sticky ball is the way it can be folded into a thin cane. In addition, this is very convenient for carrying and storing, and you can always take it with you in the car.

Folded wholesale ceiling sticky balls

Almost all sticky ball s of this type are equipped with a seat belt for the doll.

Seat belts

The frame is made of plastic or metal, a combined version of these two materials is also possible.

Almost all models have simple plastic wheels of small size, and often the front wheels can be swivel, that is, they have the ability to turn in the desired direction, which is very convenient.

In all models, the handle is not adjustable in height; generally the height from the floor to the handle is from 45 to 50 cm. Such wholesale ceiling sticky balls are suitable for toddlers from 2 years old.

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Wholesale Ceiling Sticky Balls for Baby 2021

  • Classic – a model where the doll can only be laid, that is, fixation, only in the “lying” position.
  • Classic metal sticky ball
  • Plastic classic sticky ball

You probably remember such a sticky ball from your childhood. This sticky ball has a folding hood.

Foldable hood can be fixed in several positions

The cradle can be made of dense textile or plastic, it can have a soft or hard bottom.

In this model, the cradle with buttons, it can be removed and washed

The sizes of the cradles are also different: they are suitable for both small dolls and large dolls. Similarly, this sticky ball s has a wide range of prices. Budget models come with small plastic wheels, in more expensive sticky ball s, wheels made of EVA material (foam) and large diameter.

Eva wheels – soft and quiet wholesale ceiling sticky balls

The handle on the wholesale ceiling sticky balls can be height-adjustable, which means it is suitable for different ages and heights of the child;

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Walking – this model is very reminiscent of a cane sticky ball; the position of the doll is “sitting”, suitable for older children, lightweight, compact, folds comfortably and does not take up space.

Sticky ball with swivel wheels

The difference is that in some models the back can be folded back and the doll can be put down. Furthermore, there are also a little more attributes for a walk: a sun shade, a footrest and even a table. Similarly, there is a safety belt, wheels can be swivel and non-swivel, made of plastic or EVA (foam). The wholesale ceiling sticky balls handle can be adjusted in height.

So, what’s important when buying wholesale ceiling sticky balls

You already know that if this is the first sticky ball for a girl, then a cane sticky ball will do. This sticky ball is easy to ride everywhere: at home, on the street, on the beach, along paths and bumps, through puddles and mud.

The handles are not adjustable here, but the height of the sticky ball and the handles themselves allow even a two-year-old to roll it without any particular difficulties.

Summary wholesale ceiling sticky balls

In addition, many models have swivel front wheels, making it easy for a child to operate.

The disadvantage of this wholesale ceiling sticky balls can be considered its fragility and fragility of parts, and the advantage, in addition to the above, is also the budget price.

When the girl gets older, you can opt for a heavier sticky ball, for example, a sticky ball. Moreover, this model has more accessories and looks more serious. In addition, there can be a handle height adjustment, a bottom shelf, and soft handles and other features that we described above.