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Why are my balls sticky? Best Guide to Play with Sticky Balls

Why are my balls sticky
Why are my balls sticky
? Smart toys are one of the essential items for children’s play and intellectual development. Parents choosing smart toys for their children will be an effective solution to help them think and create better.

Today I will share some experiences to help parents find and buy smart toys for their babies.

1. How to choose smart toys for your baby

Parents should not expose their children to electronic toys too early or too much. Because it is not good for the development of young children.

Just because a toy is called a smart toy does not mean that it has to be

  • modern
  • expensive
  • battery-powered.

Smart toys are toys that meet the following requirements:

Why are my balls sticky? Firstly, it must improve the baby’s communication ability and imagination. For example: Letting your baby play with toys, play with dolls… are toys that help children imagine fairy tales, the main characters in their stories are the characters. dolls, statues or mannequins…

Second, that toy must exercise the child’s dexterity.

For example:

  • Painting games
  • clay
  • painting
  • tearing paper
  • coloring

These are toys and games that train children’s skillful hands. Children will enjoy these fun games. In addition, through these games will help children express their innate talents.

Third, it must train children’s observation skills. For example: Matching games, jigsaw puzzles, matching pictures, finding similarities and differences between objects, pictures… are games that train children’s quick hands and eyes.

How to play with sticky balls?

The speed and time that the baby finds the puzzle pieces and puts them together to form a complete model or picture will clearly show us the intelligence and flexibility of the child.

Why are my balls sticky? In particular, through these smart toys, it will help children develop intellectually, enhance movement as well as increase the ability to form communication language in children.

2. Revealing how to choose smart toys for babies

To help your baby develop and improve his intelligence comprehensively through everyday toys, you need to pay attention to the following criteria.

Important criteria when parents and families choose toys to help children smart is to focus on basic emotional, cognitive and social issues. So what kind of toys should parent and schools choose to help their children both form and develop life skills and become smarter and more agile?

3. Kinds of smart toys for babies that parents should choose

Toys with many colors will always be attractive and attract children. Moreover, babies also love to play and explore them by disassembling and arranging toys by themselves. Determining that criterion, the No.109 intelligent jigsaw puzzle gives children a unique and funny design with vivid and novel colors and shapes.

Parents can train their children to recognize and distinguish colors. On the other hand, children can put the blocks together by themselves. They will find out the reasons and principles of how to assemble a reasonable and beautiful product according to the baby’s wishes.

Besides, the product has many colors like that, which will stimulate the baby’s visual development more. In the process of children playing, it also helps children develop logical thinking as well as carefulness and meticulousness.

What material we use in sticky balls?

What’s more, this product is made of PP, ABS material, absolutely safe, no harm to baby’s health. Therefore, the mother can rest assured that the baby can play comfortably.

Why are my balls sticky? It is a smart toy, stimulating interesting and active movement for babies from 12 months old and up. The play set features a wall-mountable basketball hoop along with 3 colorful fish so your little one can enjoy playing in the bathroom or anywhere in the house.

With just a simple operation of throwing lovely fishes into the basket, children can easily maximize their motor skills and judgment. The toy also has a vivid and colorful design to help children, to develop baby’s senses.

The basketball golf poles have the shape of 2 lovely coconut trees on both sides, and the mini basketballs are colorful fish, giving children a sense of attraction and enjoyment when playing.

You just need to attach the basketball golf pole to the wall and you will have a mini basketball court for your baby right at home. After the baby has finished playing, the toy set is also very easy to disassemble, you just need to remove the game and put it in the storage box.

Children can learn recognition with balls

This set of toys will help children practice learning from an early age. Especially, it is very good to stimulate the baby’s brain to develop, moreover it also helps to comprehensively develop the baby’s brain in terms of consciousness and virtues learned through the smart toys that parents have bought.

Why are my balls sticky? The set of recognizing letters, numbers, and shapes will bring limitless learning experiences for children. The product is made of natural wood, so it is very safe for children. The edges of the toy are smooth, so they can’t scratch your baby’s skin. In addition, the toy is covered with a safe paint that will not fade, lose color and cause no harm to children’s health.

Why are my balls sticky 2022

The toy set can also help your baby easily recognize and distinguish basic letters, numbers, and shapes. Through toys, children can recognize the basic colors of products as well as distinguish colors in the natural palette.

4. Teach your child how to use smart toys

Smart toys, besides helping children develop intellectually, also have to enhance their ability to behave, communicate or solve problems. Through the way children play, parents will discover the personality and talents of the child. From there, parents will have a better method of teaching their children.

Why are my balls sticky? Parents do not need to buy a lot of toys for their babies from simple, rudimentary to modern ones to help them become smarter. This is harmful because parents have inadvertently created the child’s dependence and the desire to fight boredom.

Parents and adults should only buy 2-3 toys for children and let them have time to gradually discover those toys. It is better to play less with quality assurance than to play a lot without any results.


If your child is given a lot of toys by relatives, then you should select and classify those smart toys by categories such as: Brain development toys, hand-crafted toys… and divide them by day. Today you let your baby play with one toy, tomorrow let him play another toy.

You should remember: “Teaching children how to play with smart toys is better than leaving them in the middle of inanimate toys”. Hope parents can find safe toys for their children and help them have fun every day.